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Kaizen Solutions offers a variety of approaches to create spirit at work. From our initial assessment to strategic visioning through to our interactive workshops, inspiring keynotes, and team building, we will help your company achieve the success you are striving for!

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    Consulting Services

    Kaizen Solutions is dedicated to helping leaders cultivate spirit at work by designing and reinventing organizations that provide strategic direction and inspire employees to make a difference. Always building on existing strengths, we provide insight, tools, mentoring, and support to facilitate the goals and aspirations of the organization. Examples of consulting services we provide:

    Spirit at Work Assessment
    Spirit at work is related to employee satisfaction and commitment which are key indicators of productivity and retention. What is the overall level of spirit at work at your organization? Our spirit at work scale is garnering international attention given it is the only one of its kind to have been validated and used to demonstrate the powerful effect of spirit at work.

    Creating a Shared and Compelling Vision and Purpose
    With today's busy pace, it is not surprising that many organizations have lost touch with why they were created in the first place. Vision and mission statements often adorn the wall, but carry little meaning to members of the organization. A shared and common vision, set of core values, and sense of purpose sets the foundation for a successful enterprise.

    Transforming Workplace Culture
    Explore the social context of your organization and create a workplace that will enable employees to be their best. From inspired leadership to creating a positive workplace culture and a sense of community through to employee recognition, we can help your company create the conditions that foster spirit at work.

    Crafting a Team Declaration
    In successful companies, the unifying feature is a shared core ideology. Let Kaizen Solutions guide you in discovering a shared set of values, belief systems, and agreement about "how we do things around here."

    Spirit at Work Filter
    It is far too easy to revert back to our old ways when we face the pressures of the real world. Custom build an organizational filter that will screen key decisions and evaluate them according to your organization's purpose and direction. Maintain organizational integrity even when faced with of day-to-day pressures.
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    Spirit at Work Program

    Kaizen Solutions has developed a Spirit at Work program where, through a combination of workshops, booster sessions, facilitation and coaching, employees learn strategies to foster their own spirit at work and managers learn how to create the conditions that cultivate spirit at work.

    What is involved? Over a series of workshops, employees will experience a set of processes that encourage them to get to the heart of what matters - both at work and in their personal lives. Clarity about the deeper meaning underlying their work and how they make a difference through their work, supported by personal action plans and organizational strategies to foster spirit at work, leads to increased engagement, enhanced teamwork and morale, increased retention, and improved productivity.

    How do we support these results? The difficulty of sustaining learning from a workshop once we return to the work environment is well known. Even with the best intentions and a plan, we find it difficult to retain our motivation and follow through with our goals. We bolster these intentions through booster sessions that explore new ideas at a deeper level and support the commitments made. Booster sessions are key to the long term success of the Spirit at Work Program.

    It works! Our market research and testing tells us that our program works. We focus on understanding the true nature of spirit at work, specifically design programs that reflect our findings, and continually implement marketplace testing, complete with benchmarks and measurements to ensure program effectiveness. See the results for yourself under the "Business Case."

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    Custom Designed Keynotes and Workshops

    Our cutting edge presentations and dynamic interactive workshops empower the organization and the employee. In addition to our signature Spirit at Work: Finding The Power Within workshop and Inspired Leadership, we offer The Spirit of Service: Getting to the Heart of What Matters, Creating a Healthy Workplace, and Cultivating Spirit at Work: An Organizational Approach to Fostering Spirit at Work among others (read more...)

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    See what our clients
    say about us

    "You are a true inspiration. You know the value and need for organizations to change."

    Sandy T., Senior Manager, Vancouver, BC

    "Val's keynote presentation to our conference was enthralling. She is a gifted story teller who reminded us all of the importance of our work and the value of the little things we do on a daily basis. Her presentation was from the heart; truly inspiring."

    Alison M.,
    Associate Registrar,
    Edmonton, AB

    "I now feel so inspired to build spirit at work."

    Carmen M., Team Leader, Edmonton, AB

    "This workshop exceeded our expectations. Thank you for a most excellent session."

    Bob B. Vice President, Mississauga, ON

    "I see a lot of changes ~ it is like they (now) have a key."

    Phil K., Manager,
    Edmonton, AB

    "Everyone really enjoyed your work shop and felt that you provided outstanding information. The new guys liked the foundation that you built for them and the senior guys liked the re-focus of things they knew they should be doing but had become compliant with their jobs and customer relationships. They all felt it was a very worth while day and that your professionalism, with examples of problems we face every day, was great. They said, 'She really did her homework, didn't she?' Thank you again."

    Gil J., Service Manager, Western Region