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Spirit at Work Program

Our innovative Spirit at Work Program improves employee engagement and retention while increasing productivity in the workplace.

Look at a few of our results:

Employee engagement improves dramatically for those who participate in the Spirit at Work program.

Spirit at Work Program Increases Employee Engagement

Attending the spirit at work program leads to an impressive reduction in turnover.

Spirit at Work Program Reduces Turnover

We have learned that the creation of spirit at work is a shared responsibility ~ shared between the employee and the employer. While benefits can be obtained by focusing on either realm, the real success comes from attending to both. Download the Spirit at Work Model to see how the actions of employees and conditions of the organization come together to create spirit at work and all of its benefits.

What is involved?

Kaizen Solutions' Spirit at Work Program offers a variety of approaches to create spirit at work. Starting with an initial assessment phase followed by strategic visioning through to interactive workshops and team building, we will help your company achieve the success you are striving for!

Over the course of this change management strategy, employees will engage in a series of processes that encourage them to get to the heart of what matters - both at work and in their personal lives.

How does it work?

Employees learn strategies to foster their own spirit at work and managers learn how to create the conditions that cultivate spirit at work.

Staff will experience increased clarity related to the deeper meaning of how, as individuals, they make a difference through their work. This enhanced understanding is further supported by personal action plans and organizational strategies to foster spirit at work, which leads to the results every company is looking for.

How do you know it works?

We have a way to measure the effect. Our Spirit at Work Scale is garnering international attention given that it is the only one of its kind to have been validated and used to demonstrate the powerful effect and results associated with our Spirit at Work program.

Our research proves that this Spirit at Work Program works!

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Spirit at Work Program

Business Case

A team of 25 people were experiencing low morale. Team work was almost non-existent. Communication was limited; yet gossip was rampant. Staff fought among themselves and sabotaged each other and their work. The situation became so difficult that after one shift, casual staff refused to come back. Employees were becoming disengaged and service was suffering. Productivity was at an all time low.

After an initial assessment, all employees participated in the Spirit at Work program. The effectiveness of the program was tested by having a similar unit at another site act as a comparison group, who completed the assessment tools but did not participate in the program. After just three months, employees experienced enhanced engagement, increased retention, and improved productivity.

If you are looking to build
a strong, vibrant team and help your employees stay engaged and enthusiastic about their work, then our Spirit at Work program is
for you!