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To make it easy to access our courses and to facilitate online registration, we have developed a new website - eLearning to Flourish by Kaizen Solutions - for all of our eCourse and Self-Study offerings. You can access it at www.elearningtoflourish.com Alternatively, the links below will take you there.


An eCourse is an electronic version of a class that meets. It is just that we don't meet at the same place or time. We never see one another, except for the picture we upload . . . so you can always look good. You choose when you access material, post your comments to the discussion, or respond to other participants during the weekly schedule - making it very desirable for adult learners. Our eCourses are completed online. As long as you have access to the internet and a computer, you can participate from anywhere, at any time during the specified time frame.

Note, that, at the moment, iPads nor iPhones supports Flash technology, so cannot be used to make your posts.

We have designed each eCourse so that you become familiar with the material and then participate in online discussions. On a weekly basis, you may listen to meditations, check-in, review videos, complete self-assessments, read articles (or a book) by leading thinkers in the field, adopt a new practice, participate in eDiscussions and, if you are interested in earning CEUs, take a post-test. Upon completion of reading the materials and, in some cases, completing the exercises, and participating in the discussion, you will be ready to complete the post test.

We start most of our eCourses on Thursday. This gives you a few extra days to get familiar with the learning management system, to upload a picture and to introduce yourself. Then, each week you will review the material, test a few ideas or practices, and post to the discussion by Wednesday. You will then have a few more days to respond to fellow participants by Saturday, at which time that weeks discussion closes. You decide whether you want to participate over the week-end, or not. Depending on the number of CEUs per course, you can expect to put in about 2-3 hours per week. Note: 1 hour equals 1 CEU.

For more information about how it works, read Frequently Asked Questions Learn more about our eCourses.

    EC1301: The Power of Gratitude: Research and the Practice

The ability to notice, appreciate and savor the elements of life is an essential determinant of well-being. Gratitude can be an avenue to greater happiness, hope and health for ourselves and our clients. But, we are not born being grateful. It is something that we learn and develop throughout our lives. This 4-week, 12-hour eCourse introduces the research on gratitude: what it is, the benefits, and how to cultivate it at home and at work. Learn more.

    EC1302: The Ethical Imperative of Helper Self-Care

These are hard times for many of us. We face stressors in our workplaces, our work with clients, and our own lives. When pressed for time or exhausted, it's easy to let our own self-care slip. But we are at our best at work only when we are at our best personally. This 3-week, 10-hour eCourse examines the ethical imperative of helper self-care and its relation to competent service delivery. We reflect on how we might create personal and organizational cultures of self-care, and explore some current trends and pioneering research in the study of compassion. Learn more.

    EC1303: Flourishing: How to Create Spirit at Work

What is it that allows one to flourish at work? To be fully engaged, energized and excited about work? Find fulfillment through work and know that you are making a difference? This is spirit at work and the power is within each of us to create it, simply by rethinking our work. This 6-week, 18-hour eCourse examines what spirit at work is, how it develops, and proven ways to foster it. Learn more.

    EC1304:(re)Constructing Well-Being

How do we nurture well-being in ourselves and those we serve? How do we nuture the meaning that brought us to this work, and the positive emotions that give us energy to show up everyday? This 8-week, 16-hour eCourse examines possibilities, based on scientific findings, for tilting life paths toward meaning and connection, and upward spirals of hope and well-being. It introduces the science of wellbeing and applications that lead to greater satisfaction and meaning in life. Learn more.

    EC1305: An Introduction to Mindfulness   

How do we shift from running on autopilot and feeling stressed to being present, focused and calm? How do we cultivate mindfulness for ourselves and those we serve? Mindfulness is about being fully present with non-judgment, openness and acceptance. A mindfulness practice is proving to be a remarkably powerful technique to help us to deal with the personal challenges of living in an ever-changing, uncertain world. This interactive and experiential, 6-week, 12-hour eCourse based on scientific findings examines mindfulness: what it is, how and who it benefits, and the practice. Learn more.

    EC1307: Knowing and Leading Self: The Leading Edge   

The most effective leaders are those who truly know and understand themselves, and are highly aware of their own inner strengths, values, assumptions, and beliefs. Leaders who consciously foster self awareness and personal mastery tend to be far more effective when navigating organizational challenges, uncertainty, transitions, and new opportunities. This 6-week, 12-hour self leadership eCourse is designed to assist with deepening personal awareness and inner knowing as a means of cultivating effective self leadership skills, inner resourcefulness, and professional best practices. Learn more.


A Self-Study (home study) is a solo event. No discussions with the instructor or other participants. A Self-Study course consists of carefully chosen articles (or a book) by leading thinkers in the field that, read together, provide an in-depth examination of subject matter of the course. You are able to complete the course on your own time (within six months) and on your own schedule. Upon completion of reading the materials and, in some cases, viewing videos or completing the exercises and brief reflection essays, you will be ready to complete the post test. For more information about how it works, read Frequently Asked Questions

Popular self-study courses that we offer:

    SS1201: How to Create Spirit at Work and Flourish (6CEUs)
    SS1202: How to Create Spirit at Work and Flourish (18CEUs)

What would it be like to flourish at work? Feel energized, inspired and excited about work? Find meaning and fulfillment through work? This is spirit at work and the power is within each of us to create it, simply by rethinking work. Based on the book Rethinking Your Work, Dr. Val Kinjerski, a leading authority in the field, shares findings from a decade of results-based research and provides field-tested exercises that are proven to foster spirit at work. 6 or 18 CEUs. Read more

    SS1203: The How of Happiness:
    The Research and Strategies behind Happiness

Forty percent of a person's capacity for happiness is within his or her capacity to change. In The How of Happiness, Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky shows how intentional activities can be used to achieve a happier life. Included are research, strategies and exercises, such as practicing optimism, savoring life's pleasures, harnessing individual strengths, and practicing gratitude. All are backed with empirical research. 12 CEUs. Read more

    SS1204: Flourish:
    A New Understanding of Happiness and Well-being

What is it that enables you to cultivate your talents, to build deep, lasting relationships with others, to feel pleasure, and to contribute meaningfully to the world? In other words, what does it take to flourish? This home study is based on the book, Flourish, by Dr. Martin Seligman and introduces the theory of well-being and research-based applications that lead to flourishing. 12 CEUs. Read more

    SS1205: Positivity:
    Embracing the Hidden Strength of Positive Emotions

How do we nurture well-being in ourselves, and those we serve? This home study is based on the book, Positivity, by Dr. Barbara Fredrickson and introduces the science of well-being and applications that lead to greater satisfaction and meaning in life. Fredrickson's research focuses on how positive emotions broaden minds and build resources in a manner that leads toward flourishing. 8 CEUs. Read more

See the full list of self studies here

Kaizen Solutions for Human Services, provider # 1116, is approved as a provider for continuing education by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) www.aswb.org through the Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program. Kaizen Solutions maintains responsibility for the program.

ASWB Approval Period: August 8, 2012 - August 8, 2018.

Social Workers will receive Category "A" continuing education hours under the ACSW competence requirements for participating in these courses. Other participants should contact their regulatory board to determine course approval.


What Others Say About:
"The Power of Gratitude"

"I really enjoyed the format and flexibility of the online environment. The pace was a great balance of time for reflection (and life) and keeping the content fresh and moving forward. Hearing from others in the online forum gave the course material new life and added considerable value to an already rich course curriculum. "

Robert Wiles
Issue Strategist
City of Calgary
Animal and Bylaw Services

"This is the first time that I have participated in an e-learning course of this nature and I am quite amazed by the degree to which it has created a true sense of community and shared learning amongst people who did not know each other. There was a depth of commitment to the course material and the other learners and a real sense of co-creating this learning circle. My assumption is that this course has had and will continue to have a profound impact on the way in which I show up, particularly in the workplace."

Mary Jefferies, CHRP Strategic Leadership Advisor Strategy Division,
Alberta Environment

"I find myself living with more attention and intention and it makes such a difference. I have used some of the strategies with my clients and they have experienced themselves and their lives differently. The course was such a gift and I thank you so much for this opportunity."

Suzanne Rosebrugh, Clinical Social Worker Counsellor, Counselling and Career Centre, Red Deer College

"The course challenged my paradigm and offered an opportunity to really look into my heart to elevate my gratitude, and to take risks and show gratitude to others in a meaningful ways."

Leann Meronek, MSW, RSW Senior Strategic Planner Strategic & Integrated Service Planning, Alberta Health Services

"The course was excellent and I totally enjoyed it. It re-energized me all over again, got me back on track with myself and reconnected me with my surroundings."

Debbie Gauchier, BSW, RSW Metis Settlements CFSA, Region 10

"Thank you Val for your support and guidance during the gratitude course. I will use this powerful information to further enhance my life and others. Many blessings to you."

Mary Lou Johnston
Casework Supervisor
Child & Family Services

"This has been a very valuable learning experience for me. Although I am not a clinical practitioner, I was able to apply all the concepts and tools to my workplace as well as my personal life, and will continue to do my own reading and self-discovery work in this important area."

Cindy Millar, CEC Human Resources Manager,
Horizon Credit Union


What Others Say About:
"The Ethical Imperative of Helper Self-Care"

"The course was great. I was a bit concerned that an online course in the human services would be too sterile; that I would miss the face-to-face connection and interaction with my fellow students. It was exactly the opposite. I felt very connected to the other students through the online discussions and, in fact, I was more inclined to share personal experiences in this non-threatening environment. The instructor responded thoughtfully to posts and provided many extra resources based on the discussions that arose as a result of the course material. I will not hesitate to take another online course."

Kim McLaren
Social Worker
Royal Alex Hospital

What Others Say About:
"(re)Constructing Well-being"

I really enjoyed taking the course (Re) discovering Wellbeing, particularly the flexibility of the online format and learning from others' experiences. Taking the time to examine your life, asking yourself and others about what contributes to positivity and negativity creates an awareness of how balanced (or not) your life really is and how to appreciate what you have. It has been one month since the course concluded and I still use the tools that I learned in the course to help me manage life's up's and down's and how to create balance. The instructor was pivotal in asking the right questions, providing informed and intelligent comments on postings and overall contributed to everyone's learning and growth. The online e-course was user friendly, economical, easy to navigate and provided flexibility on when to post. I would definitely take another e-course in the future and recommend to anyone who wants more balance in their life.

Deborah Jesso
Patient Concerns Consultant
Alberta Health Services
Grande Prairie, AB


What Others Say About:
"The Art of Facilitation"

I found this course to be interesting, challenging, and informative. More importantly, it has taken me on a journey of self-exploration. I would highly recommend it for people who want to deepen their understanding of the facilitation process.

J.Ring, BHSc, RSW
Community Links
Airdrie, AB


What Others Say About:
"Intoduction to Mindfulness"

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It opened my mind to a way of achieving self-care and living my life in a manner that is exciting. Everyday activities have become brighter and clearer and I am better able to cope with stress and anxiety in my life. Mindfulness is a great tool and I plan to cultivate mine every day.

Anne Benoit
Social Worker II
Alberta Health Services
Ft. McMurray, AB


This course has benefited me both professionally and personally. I found that practicing mindfulness is very applicable to day to day life and is also a skill that can be taught to clients.

Sheila Beaudry, BSW,RSW
Mental Health Coordinator
Wood Buffalo Primary Care Network


Thank you for your consistent presence and reassuring encouragement throughout the course.

Teresa Skarlicki
Social Worker
Comprehensive Breast Care Program
Edmonton, AB