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Spirit at Work - The Business Case

Are you having a difficult time keeping staff?
Do you want your employees to be more productive?
Could your team use a morale boost?

If so, your company or organization could benefit
from our proven Spirit at Work program!

Our innovative Spirit at Work Program improves staff engagement and retention while increasing productivity in the workplace.

Spirit at work is what we experience when we are fully engaged in our work. It involves profound feelings of wellbeing, a sense that we are making a difference through our work, and a connectedness to others and common purpose. It is not about religion.

Employee Spirit at Work can be increased!

Spirit at Work Program Increases Spirit at Work

What are some of the benefits you can expect?

Your Company will experience increased productivity, improved employee attendance, and enhanced employee retention.

Employees will experience renewed enthusiasm for work assignments and the company they work with, increased job satisfaction, a greater sense of well-being, and more work-related passion and energy.

Teams will experience boosted morale, enhanced team effectiveness and peer relationships, and the creation of a greater sense of workplace community.

See how Spirit at Work Increases Employee Commitment:

Spirit at Work Program increases Commitment

The end result! Engagement + Improved Morale + HR Retention = Enhanced Customer Service + Increased Staff Productivity

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Did You KNOW?

Only 1 out of 6 Canadians are highly engaged in their job at any one time.

Another 1 out of 6 Canadians are actively disengaged from their work and intentionally working to undermine their employer.

The rest are moderately engaged at best.

The Football Team Scenario

To put this in perspective, say you were a member of a football team and only 2 -3 players on the field were enthusiastic and committed to the team's success. Where are the others? What if another 2-3 players were dissatisfied and actively undermining the team; putting its members at great risk? What are the chances of the team reaching its goal of winning?