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About Kaizen Solutions

Kaizen Solutions inspires, guides, and fosters the creation
of spirit at work so that employees experience fulfillment and meaning through work and organizations attain improved customer service and increased productivity.
Kaizen Solutions provides management and employees with powerful and practical tools, techniques and skills for excelling in today's workplace. Our innovative Spirit at Work program has been proven to improve staff engagement and retention while increasing productivity in the workplace.

Using a kaizen approach, we provide a variety of approaches to create spirit at work. From our initial assessment to strategic visioning through to our interactive workshops and team building, we will help your company achieve the success you are striving for.

What's in a name?

A lot. A name is a reflection of the business and how it does its work.  Kaizen Solutions for Human Services Ltd. is about:
  • Supporting what really matters to businesses, organizations, and the people who work in them
  • Continuous improvement in all aspects of life, including work
  • Emphasizing and building upon strengths, assets, and potential
  • Working in a good way for both people and organizations
Kaizen is an approach, a way of thinking. Kaizen comes from the words, "Renew the heart and make it good." Adopting kaizen may mean changing the "heart of the business" including the corporate culture and structure as Kaizen Solutions assists companies to translate their corporate vision and mission into every aspect of a company's operational practice.

Taken from the words "Kai" (continuous) and "zen" (improvement), kaizen is often translated as "ongoing, continuous improvement." This means continuing improvement in one's personal life, home life, social life, and work life. When applied to the workplace, kaizen means continuing improvement involving everyone - from the front-line employee to the CEO. Support throughout the entire structure is necessary to become successful at developing a strong kaizen approach.

The notion of Solutions is also a mindset. We seldom find the right solutions by studying problems. A focus on solutions necessitates attention towards that which is working, previous positive experiences, strengths of the individuals and organization, assets, and potential. We use a "strengths-based" model and "appreciative" coaching as part of our strategy to achieve and sustain outstanding performances. Thus, we capitalize on people's strengths and core competencies, particularly in the area of leadership, teamwork and communication.

for Human Services - Companies and organizations are made up of people with personality, interests, strengths, challenges, desires, goals, families, friends, obligations. Multi-faceted individuals. Our focus is on the individuals who make up the organization. We care about people.

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Our Values

Kaizen Solutions recognizes that values shape behaviour. Therefore, we demonstrate commitment through action by honouring:

    Organizational Integrity: We are honest, ethical and do what we say we will do.
    Transformation: We foster change in employees and organizations that is transformational.
    Excellence: We consistently deliver quality products and exceptional services.
    Research: We research spirit at work and are committed to sharing what we learn.
    Community: We provide complimentary services as part of our commitment to community and the promotion of spirit at work

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Our Beliefs

Kaizen Solutions was founded on a strong set of beliefs that embrace the ability of individuals and organizations to change. We believe in the:
  • Capacity of individuals to experience fulfillment at work.
  • Ability of employees and organizations to reinvent and transform.
  • Power of spirit at work to generate positive results.
  • Capacity of organizations, through inspired leadership, to have a dramatic and positive influence on the creation of spirit at work.
  • Power of positive thought to influence behaviour.
  • Strength of co-creation between employees and employers to achieve success.
  • Potency of a strengths-focus to ensure success.
  • Ability of everyone to make a difference.
  • Power of inspiration and modelling to create change.

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How We Work

Our core values and beliefs are evidenced in our actions and how we work. We care about employees and organizations. We are inspired, excited, and enthusiastic about fostering spirit at work.

  • We care about making a difference.
  • We work in collaboration, not isolation.
  • We guide and facilitate, not direct.
  • We focus on solutions, not problems.
  • We focus on employee and organizational success, not failures.
  • We employ processes that build on strengths, not weaknesses.
  • Our services are research based.
  • We are results-oriented.
  • We care that others are able to make a difference.
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